Distributions to the County Department of Social Services
Talbot Community Connections (TCC) was established in 2001 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2002. TCC raises funds to support the Talbot County Department of Social Services to help meet the unmet needs that are fundamental to the safety, security, health and well-being of Talbot County’s children and adults. Every year, the Talbot County Department of Social Services finds citizen need is greater than available governmental funding. Over the last 20 years, TCC has assisted the citizens of Talbot County with approximately $500,000 to meet their unmet needs.

In support of the Children Advocacy Center, TCC funds helped a victim of sexual abuse attend self-defense classes at a local gym.  Improvements in school performance and positive behavior were noted. Many other victims served at the Children’s Advocacy Center have been able to participate in equine therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and trauma-informed yoga with similar positive outcomes. Non-offending caregivers have been supported by therapy, family advocacy, transportation, crisis intervention, and case management.

An example of TCC funds helping families in the Foster Care program included respite funds for a homeless teen and her mother that allowed the girl to avoid foster care until placement was made with a family member.

Other funds provided a housing voucher to extended family members caring for two nieces, enabling the family to obtain a newer, well-maintained home at a reduced rent and avoiding foster care placements for the children.

Additional funds provided respite care for the biological family of a medically-fragile infant, keeping the biological family together and avoiding foster care placement.

Other funding provided a mother of three, who overcame addiction, daycare for a child, enabling her to continue to work and maintain her sobriety.