Talbot Community Connections is a 501(c)(3) organization of volunteers that was founded to raise monies to meet the kinds of needs that can overwhelm and cause long-term disruption to families. We provide grants to the Talbot County Department of Social Services to expand their ability to solve problems. Our goal is to solicit help for our neighbors with short-term needs who don’t meet the criteria for state or federal help from our County Department of Social Services. Your donation can help keep families together, support children in foster care, and support the elderly persons in our county so they can remain independent, safe, and healthy members in our communities.

Please join with us in meeting our goal. Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to help your neighbors. Make your check payable to Talbot Community Connections and send it to: Talbot Community Connections, PO Box 2615, Easton, MD 21601. For more information, see our Annual Report below. One hundred percent of your donation will benefit residents of Talbot County.
We need your help! Donations to Talbot Community Connections will help meet many types of needs in our community in the coming year. We need to work together to keep our neighbors safe and healthy and their families united. As neighbors working together, we can meet the needs of the less able members of our community.
How would you feel knowing that a local family had been evicted and had to be separated from one another, when your help could have prevented it?  Last year, funds that were donated to Talbot Community Connections (TCC) were used to help the vulnerable adults and children of our county.  In one instance, the funds provided through TCC fundraising enabled a smooth transition with minimal disruption to a family already upset by the stress of losing the place that they considered to be their home.


Funds allocated will go to TCDSS services and the TCCAC

FY2015 Annual Report

please make checks payable to:

Talbot Community Connections

PO Box 2615

Easton, MD 21601


Raise and distribute funds to answer unmet needs that are fundamental to the safety, security, health and well-being of Talbot County’s children and adults.


In 2014-2015, TCC raised $ 8400 through private donations like this request, grants and education event sponsorships and registrations. TCC provided over $11,000 in funds which helped many children, families and adults to experience a more secure environment. $4600 of these funds were directly went to the Children’s Advocacy Center, a center that is totally run on monies from this community, in-kind donations from local participating agencies and grants. A total of $6400 was allocated to TCDSS to support their programs. Without these funds, vulnerable adults and children in Talbot County would not have benefitted from much needed services.
Adult Services Emergencies
Respite Care
Foster Care
Back to School Fair
Families & Adults in Crisis
Employee Resiliency
Parent Education
Childrens'; Advocacy Center