Jewelry a group of girls at the CAC made in therapy

With financial support from Talbot Community Connections, Inc., funds supported art, music, equine therapy, self-defense classes and journaling activities through the Children’s Advocacy Center to enhance the therapy outcomes for victims of child sexual abuse.  One of the participants reflecting on the use of art and poetry in a group setting shared that the therapy "allowed me to understand how far I have come and how I have moved away from the pain into the light. I am no longer alone but can express myself and my thoughts and feelings with others who understand and accept me for who I am."   The girls who participated were able to share their message of hope and healing with the newer girls in group through the use of art and poetry – a clear, non-threatening way to communicate their thoughts and emotions and to offer hope for a bright future.  

Meet Anna, a young teen survivor of sexual abuse who received treatment at the Children’s Advocacy Center. She, along with other survivors participated in an outdoor challenge course that included a zip line and climbing wall last April. In her words, “Thank you for the experience that showed us not be scared anymore”.  Another survivor shared “This fun challenge course allowed me to come out of my comfort zone; I would love to come back.”

 One foster youth on a path to graduate from high school without any family was able to have a graduation party like many of her friends.  The agency hosted it and the youth was able to invite her foster family and friends from high school as well as community professionals that have supported her over the years.  “Thank you.”
Ms. G is a single woman who lives independently in an apartment in Easton.  She is on a fixed income from Social Security and has very little left after paying rent and utilities.  Ms. G has multiple health problems which require additional nutritional supplements prescribed by her physician.  Funds from Talbot Community Connections have allowed her to receive the prescribed supplements and ease her suffering from the illnesses.  “Thank your for helping me remain in my home.”